Implementing the Model

360° Assessments

Measuring learning is a critical global debate there are strongly held perspectives from all sides. Learnlife communities focus firmly on the outputs of learning in whatever form that takes. It may be a piece of research, a prototyped model, a performance – anything that makes the learning growth visible. With such a focus, 360° assessments are used to capture learner reflection.

360° assessments include a process by which learners immediately reflect on their own learning. It is 360° because it offers a balanced and broad overview from multiple persons including the learner, their Learning Guides, parents and the wider community. 360° assessments offer instant, real-time feedback - the type of feedback that research suggests can have the greatest impact on promoting effective learning.

360° assessments focus on aspects of learning beyond content. They establish fresh directions that can enable learners to consider new ideas or take their thinking to new levels not previously conceived.