Implementing the Model

Concepts, Skills & Competencies

Competencies are capacities that people need to navigate their culture, community and careers. These are gained by learning skills. Skills are gained through the applied understanding of concepts. Concepts are the elements of understanding that build our skills. Learning that focuses on concepts, skills and competencies lays the foundation for all future lifelong learning.

The topic of ‘curriculum’ choice, framework and scope is a dynamic and global conversation. Traditional approaches tend to favour a higher level of prescription. Some countries choose approaches that allow for greater trans-disciplinary thinking.

There is growing global consensus that, whatever one’s perspective on ‘essential knowledge’, there are critical concepts, skills and competencies that need to be understood in a world of rapid societal and technological change.

Traditional approaches to learning through content often fail to equip learners for the real world – with the added side effect of dissolving enthusiasm for lifelong learning. An ecosystem that encourages learners to take the lead in the direction of their learning, provides a context for a deep and passionate understanding of their world, which they need to understand in order to take up the opportunities that life offers.