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Competencies, Skills & Concepts

  • Implementing the Model
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  • Implementing the Model
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Competencies are the capacities people use to navigate their culture, community and careers; they are gained by learning skills. Skills are gained through the applied understanding of concepts. Concepts are the elements of understanding that construct our skills. Learning that focuses on concepts, skills and competencies lays the foundation for all future lifelong learning. 

Whatever one’s perspective on essential knowledge might be, there is a growing global consensus that certain critical concepts, skills and competencies must be understood in a world of rapid change.

Traditional approaches which places content at the beginning of learning fails to equip learners with the key competencies and skills needed in the real world. The added side effect is often a dissolved enthusiasm for lifelong learning. A community that encourages learners to take the lead in the direction of their own learning provides a context for a deeper understanding of their world which they need to take the opportunities life offers them.

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