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Creative Learning Environments

  • Supporting and Sustaining the Model
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  • Supporting and Sustaining the Model
  • 21 minutes read
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Reimagining the ‘pedagogic space’ is a precondition to creating a paradigm shift in learning. Changing physical spaces can have very positive impacts on learning processes and experiences. Understanding how designed spaces support and enhance learning is crucial to creating a positive, innovative environment.

Designing creative learning spaces needs to be on the change agenda at both the macro and micro levels of a community. At the macro level, a collective concept of space needs to be envisioned for an entire organisation. People must abandon the notion of separated classrooms to a more fluid concept of highly flexible, agile, collaborative spaces. At the micro level, the wider spatial vision for a learning community needs translated by smaller teams into the required spaces for learning, suited to a range of experiences specific to groupings or activities.

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