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Creative Resourcing

  • Supporting and Sustaining the Model
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  • Supporting and Sustaining the Model
  • 13 minutes read
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Resources in schools are often categorised and influenced by traditional learning systems whose viability is rarely questioned. As our global society and learning paradigms evolve, so too does its use of resources. Supporting resource change requires a blend of strategic planning and creativity. At a practical level, resourcing models that can facilitate and support spontaneous creativity in learning can have a huge impact on any change process.  Any organisation that develops creative resourcing strategies for immediate impact will create a means by which the momentum of educational change can be accelerated and enhanced, not slowed down or hampered by traditional annual budget cycles.  

Creative resourcing extends beyond the material and includes human resourcing. In an evolving and agile world, there is a need for the human talent within an organisation to be closely aligned to the collective vision – the preferred future - of that community. A great question to ask is whether the existing resourcing model of an organisation supports the maintenance of traditional education models or whether it is facilitating the desired paradigm shift. 

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