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Diversifying Methodologies

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  • Implementing the Model
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There are countless teaching and learning methods available. Learnlife has researched and gathered the best practices from around the world with the purpose of developing a broad toolkit of options for educators. From the research gathered, a list of 25 methodologies has emerged. With ongoing research, this list continues to grow. 

Education has traditionally favoured one dominant learning methodology above others; direct, teacher-led instruction. This is regrettable because a methodology that positions learners as passive receptors of content and knowledge restricts learning opportunities. It does not prepare them to become the creative change agents the world needs to address the challenges and uncertainties we face.

In a new learning paradigm, learners should be exposed to a broad suite of learning methodologies. Growth programmes will help strengthen and support the development of all educators by increasing their capacity to use a broad personal toolkit of learning methods. A learning community ideally would have the collective professional expertise to offer as many of them as possible. 

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