Implementing the Model

Diversifying Methodologies

There are countless varying approaches to teaching and learning. Learnlife has researched pedagogic practices from across the world and from this research, has created a list of 25 methodologies that are actively referenced in different situations and contexts. This list is not definitive, and it continues to grow as people contribute their own awareness of different strategies that nurture learning.

We live in a context where the educational legacy has favoured one dominant methodology above others: direct teacher-led instruction. This is regrettable, as many learners find that a methodology that positions them as passive receptors of content and knowledge to be highly frustrating. They instinctively know that it is not preparing them to become the creative change agents able to address the challenges of a changing world.

The ‘teacher-at-the-front’ approach has been heavily replicated in the developing world by a learning model that fails to address the need to foster entrepreneurial capacity, particularly in poverty contexts. In a society where content delivery has been the traditional practice, the suite of teaching methods that learners should be exposed to needs to be broadened. Talent development programs must strengthen the capacity of all educators so that the personal toolkit of methodologies used is broader.