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Establishing Personal Values & Vision

  • Preparing the Community
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  • Preparing the Community
  • 18 minutes read
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Having a clear understanding of one’s purpose (see Element 2) sets the correct path for a learner. Purpose can be strengthened by having a clear understanding of one’s values. The values people choose to live by reveal who they are. Many individuals may never have identified, let alone listed the values they might view as essential. This is crucial because the wider culture of a community emerges from a combination of the purpose, values and vision of each of its individuals.

Personal values can provide students with a foundation for success in learning. They must embark on a personal journey to understand the importance of establishing a clear set of values which supports them. This is not just values for individual learning, but collaborative contexts too. 

Linked to personal values is the capacity of an individual to envision a future for themselves. Such an envisioning process, someone’s imagined future, might be specific, perhaps identifying where they wish to live, what career they want or the activities or context of their life that provides aspiration. Such a vision might know no limits. When placed alongside a personal sense of purpose and understood values, a personal vision gains even greater direction and opportunity for success.

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