Preparing the Ecosystem

Growing a Positive Organisational Culture & Vision

Relationships are a crucial component to driving the success in any organisation. A positive organisational culture needs to be firstly envisioned and then enacted. Wrong cultures can emerge if there is no strategy to define and embed a culture that creates a positive working environment. In an environment dedicated to learning, and in particular the Learnlife model, this is all the more important because positive relational experiences are placed at the centre of the ecosystem.

Organisational culture arises out of the aggregation of collective purpose, values and vision. If an organisation is committed to embedding a positive culture, then defining the collective purpose, values and vision is crucial to its overall success. The vision of (and for) an organisation is the catalyst for growth, and the collective purpose serves to navigate in the right direction. For change to embed, there needs to be alignment around the shared values, which come from a culmination of lived experiences and from the values of the community. If cast with sufficient strength, the purpose, vision and values of the community will grow the positive organisational culture which will drive its success.

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