Preparing the Ecosystem

Growing Positive Relationships

The LearnLife model recognises that creating and maintaining inclusive positive relationships with everyone - Learners, Learning Guides and parents - is fundamental to a functional learning environment. The best learning occurs in a context where positive relationships are prioritised before the learning itself.

Placing emphasis on positive relationships affects a deeper level of change in individuals - profound levels of understanding, compassion and empathy are established which, in turn, cultivates an emotional and social support network. From this network, an exceptional learning ecosystem can grow.

The criteria for success in traditional teacher training programs has often been measured by a person’s ability to manage and control individuals and groups in order to deliver effective learning. The traditional model is based upon an expectation that teachers are strong solo practitioners, largely working independently of others in a single classroom context. The LearnLife model flips this thinking so that individuals thrive as a result of their experience of effective, authentic, positive relationships with all members of a community.Concurrent a culture of equality and inclusion is promoted where the network of relationships drives the learning, not the other way round.

While these concepts might sound fundamental, the challenge for education is the challenge for teachers who endeavour to establish positive relationships in the context where they are often appraised for their ability to control and manage learners. This form of controlled behavioural expectation and compliance does not sit well with the key practices of positive psychology.