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Growing Positive Relationships

  • Preparing the Community
  • 21 minutes read
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  • Preparing the Community
  • 21 minutes read
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Creating and maintaining positive relationships with everyone is essential to growing a healthy learning community. Learning is most effective when positive relationships are prioritised before any learning begins. High emphasis on positive relationships affects a deeper level of change in individuals - profound levels of understanding, compassion and empathy can develop to provide an emotional and social support network. From this network, conditions are set for an exceptional learning community to emerge.

Placing positive relationships at the core of any learning community requires an intentional mindset shift. Traditional teacher training programs often measure success by a person’s ability to manage and control individuals and groups in order to deliver effective learning. This approach is based on the assumption that teachers are strong solo practitioners, largely working independently of their colleagues in single classroom contexts. Learnlife challenges this approach so individuals thrive as a result of their experiences of strong, authentic relationships in collaboration with all members of a learning community - the network of relationships drives the learning, not the other way round.

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