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Online and Blended Learning Experiences

  • Implementing the Model
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  • Implementing the Model
  • 19 minutes read
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Just as the internet has transformed many industries, learning in mobile and online contexts is a paradigm-changer for education. Knowledge has become democratised, opening up a world of new possible formats for learning. Learning is no longer limited to the physical or time-constrained confines of an institution. 

The progression of one computer per classroom, to a world where learners in many countries have access to mobile devices, has been rapid. This has created the need to be intentional with the quality of learning and information available via online devices. The internet has created online spaces that can support face-to-face activities or provide fully online learning experiences. 

Much consideration and effort is given to improving pedagogy in the physical realm, but it must be simulated in the digital realm. The goal should be for quality learning in both face-to-face and online contexts to ensure blended learning experiences are always exceptional. 

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