Supporting and Sustaining the Model

Learning Vitae & Learning Achievements

The recognition or credentialing of learning is one of education’s current and greatest challenges. The Learnlife model recognises this as an opportunity to develop new ways of capturing growth in learning. Traditional models of education and schooling rely on a sequence of assessments, formal and informal, national and international, to make comparisons or judgements in some way about learning at individual and national levels.

There are many signs that such a system has inherent and significant flaws. Existing measurements do not necessarily adequately represent an individual’s capacity for learning. Employers and universities worldwide have recognised the growing ‘not-fit-for-purpose’ nature of existing assessments.

In consultation with different stakeholders, the Learnlife team has developed the concept of a ‘Learning Vitae’ (LV). The LV captures more than any traditional CV. Learners can build comprehensive profiles of their learning achievements or capacities in real time. A LV can provide a digital record of learning that is built up over many years. Learners can tailor the information to suit future needs or target further learning opportunities for themselves.