Implementing the Model

Learning within Five Life Dimensions

Today's world is very different to the world experienced by previous generations, even within the cycle of just one family's generational experience. And it continues to change. In order to navigate this changing environment, it is important for individuals to understand themselves (1: intrapersonal space). Such awareness provides the healthy basis for growing the ability to relate effectively with others (2: interpersonal space). We all need to navigate this changing society (3: societal context), as we look at how humanity protects the earth’s ecosystem (4: planetary perspectives). Added to this, we live within a digital world (5: digital space) that impacts the way in which the learning ecosystem operates.

Learning must cultivate the awareness, capacity and personal competences to live and thrive within these 5 life dimensions. The key aspect of embedding these dimensions into learning is to link them to the key skills, competencies and concepts that our Learnlife model delivers. By embedding learning within these 5 dimensions, learners not only increase their ability to navigate our existing world, they also become equipped with the skills, competencies and concepts to apply them in order to thrive individually and therefore enable our global society to thrive.