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Learning within Five Life Dimensions

  • Supporting and Sustaining the Model
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  • Supporting and Sustaining the Model
  • 20 minutes read
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Today’s world is very different to that experienced by previous generations, even in just one generational cycle. To navigate a changing environment, it is important for individuals to understand themselves (1: intrapersonal space). Such awareness provides the healthy basis for growing the ability to relate effectively with others (2: interpersonal space). We all need to navigate this changing society (3: societal context) as we look at how humanity protects the earth’s ecosystems (4: global perspectives). Added to this, we live in a digital world (5: digital space) which profoundly shapes people’s lives.

Learning should increase an individual’s capacity to live and thrive within the 5 life dimensions. The key aspect of embedding these dimensions into learning is connecting them to the key skills, competencies and concepts that are critical components for new learning in the 21st century. Learning centred around the 5 life dimensions increases an individual’s ability to navigate our existing world to become better equipped to thrive individually and also help our global society thrive too.  

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