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Ongoing Research & Envisioning

  • Supporting and Sustaining the Model
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  • Supporting and Sustaining the Model
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The journey of sustaining a paradigm shift in education should be always evolving. At no point will a model be created which is definitive and final. As society, technology and opportunities change, so too does research and practice into how learning best works. 

Any coalition that actively seeks to develop ‘best practices’ in learning must draw from existing research and diverse examples from across cultures and societies. A clear vision - crucial to steering any organisation - must be supported by research and developed collectively to unite a community. 

Envisioning is an inherently grassroots process and needs agility to empower further vision, ideation and research. A shared envisioning process in a learning community enables individual passion to unite with other like-minded individuals and, in so doing, creates momentum. Shared passion can evolve into a definitive collective viewpoint, based upon accepted research, underpinning the pedagogic direction for a school community. 

When research-based vision becomes part of the culture, it fosters action. Vision, supported by research, gives licence for early innovators to be adventurous by growing a culture of permission and provides confidence to try new ideas. 

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