Implementing the Model

Personal Learning & Adaptive Groupings

Understanding the dynamic between personal learning and adaptive group learning is vital to individual learner success and development. Given the goal of cultivating ‘self-directed learning,’ it is critical for Learning Guides to understand that adaptive group learning is a vital process for developing the skills required for self-directed learning. Learners do not exist in a fixed ability level, therefore topics, prior experience, learner growth mindset, passion and ability will most likely vary for every individual depending on which concepts, skills and competencies are being delivered.

All learner profiles are unique. Just as we should celebrate and foster individuality, we should create unique, personal learning and adaptive group learning experiences for everybody. As the composition of a community changes and learners grow or meet new challenges, group-based experiences must adapt to match the context. In the bigger picture, the goal is to encourage a shift towards the co-creation of learning and eventually self-directed learning. Adaptive groupings are a vital element in helping learners to reach this goal.