Preparing the Ecosystem

Purpose-Inspired Learning

The Learnlife model for learning draws from the Japanese philosophy of ‘Ikigai’. The concept of Ikigai roughly translates as ‘a reason for being’ - the purpose that inspires action. Ikigai originated in Okinawa, Japan, where its inhabitants have among the world’s highest life-expectancy. The LearnLife model recognises the usefulness of Ikigai to educational contexts, viewing purpose-inspired learning as a crucial foundation from which we can begin to live a life of purpose. Learning is the gateway to inspiring that purpose.

The Learnlife model empowers its learners to discover their own Ikigai. It facilitates unique, individualised learning experiences that are profoundly meaningful and may assist to cultivate a life-learning pathway through continued guidance and mentorship.

Purpose, combined with a sense of personal values and vision, can create a culture that empowers individuals to claim ownership over their learning, enabling them to thrive. Individual passion is the fuel to drive a journey of purpose-inspired learning, and the Learnlife model encourages every learner to discover and explore in order to find those topics about which they are passionate.