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Purpose-Inspired Learning

  • Preparing the Community
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  • Preparing the Community
  • 11 minutes read
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Learnlife’s vision, which supports purpose-inspired learning, follows the Japanese philosophy ikigai. Ikigai roughly translates to mean ‘a reason for being.’ Ikigai is the source of value in one's life and that which makes it worthwhile. The ikigai philosophy originates in Okinawa, Japan, where its inhabitants are among those who enjoy the highest life-expectancy in the world.  

Learnlife acknowledges a connection between education and ikigai, believing that purpose-inspired learning is a strong foundation from which to live a life that supports ‘a reason for being.’

The Learnlife model helps learners discover their ikigai. It facilitates bespoke, individualised learning experiences that help students thrive and encourages a lifelong learning pathway. At Learnlife, passion is the fuel to drive a journey of purpose-inspired learning, and having purpose helps every student find that passion.  

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