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Shaping a Strong Learning Culture

  • Preparing the Community
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  • Preparing the Community
  • 20 minutes read
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Learning at Learnlife is purpose-driven to enable individuals to discover their unique passions. Learnlife digresses from content-driven learning, where learners are conditioned by knowledge bestowed onto them by the decisions of others. The learning community places responsibility on the learner to shape their own purpose while learning guides assist through mentorship and facilitation. Understanding that a culture of learning can (and should) be grown and shaped, is central to creating the right dynamics for deep, passionate, purpose-inspired learning. 

In a global society, where young people are exposed to and influenced by media-oriented western culture, there is a strong imperative to create a learning culture that is equal to or stronger than other existing cultures that influence. The Learnlife model aims to inspire individuals to recognise learning as positive and include it in their lifelong journey. Culture and vision therefore must be shaped so it becomes as attractive as other presenting cultures for any individual. 

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