Supporting and Sustaining the Model

Technology & Digital Platforms

Technology is changing the experiences of learning with increasing speed. A variety of digital platforms can also play a significant role in supporting any paradigm shift in learning. The span of technological change in the last few decades seems massive, but in reality it is only the beginning of a new era. Technology is changing at such a rate that what is learned one day, can be outdated the next. The applied use of technology has the potential to accelerate personal growth in learning and enable learning to happen ‘anywhere, anytime and anyhow’.

The potentially unlimited boundaries of digital space can extend the parameters of physical space. The opportunities created by digital space are therefore potentially limitless. Technology enables a learner to move seamlessly from the real world to a digital world in a microsecond.

Digital platforms are powerful tools to support and extend paradigm shifts. A digital platform can create and analyse data, providing real time support to a learning experience. This is relevant at both personal and collective levels. Digital platforms can be the gateway to capturing a learner’s journey, making any learning visible to any audience.