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Stephen Harris

Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer, Learnlife
On a passionate mission to establish new ways of "doing learning" - and sharing that mission with anyone else on the same trajectory.

Becky Parker

Physicist & teacher
Physics teacher and visiting professor at the School of Physics and Astronomy, Queen Mary University of London.

Will Richardson

Parent, writer, speaker, podcaster, instigator. Let's write the new story of schooling together.

Benjamin Otto

Entrepreneur, Changemaker and Founder
Every human being should have the opportunity to get to know themselves better and be supported in developing their strengths.

Vishal Talreja

Cofounder & Trustee
Empowering young people from vulnerable backgrounds to overcome adversity and flourish in the 21st century

Luis Alberto Camargo

Executive Director
Reconnecting youth to nature and people to the Earth so we can build more sustainable, regenerative and peaceful communities.

Christopher Pommerening

Learnlife’s ambition is to empower 100,000,000 learners and 100,000 schools by 2030.

Jill Vialet

To improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play.

Catalina Cock

Executive Director and co founder
We activate ecosystems and develop capacities in order to allow new generations to be protagonists in the creation of a culture of peace

Gary Spracklen

Headteacher & Principal
My mission is to inspire all to learn.

Alfredo Hernando

Founder of
Changing the world one school at a time

Ali Raza Khan

Founder and CEO
Make Youth-led Changemaking a top priority for educational and vocational institutions

Olivier Brechard

Director Learning Planet Festival
Inspire & Empower Learners, Educators and Citizens through global events (LP Festival & Games) which celebrate Learning addressing the SDGs.

Elisa Guerra

Founder & Teacher
To help every child to achieve his or her fullest potential through quality early childhood education and innovative teaching approaches.

Mark Greenberg

Emeritus Professor, Penn State U - Chair of CREATE
Create healthy caring schools by supporting adult SEL and wellness as well as consulting on systemic change.

David Castro

President and CEO
To liberate human potential through leadership development

Marjo Kyllonen

Head of Development Service Unit
Education builds up societies! Education has a crucial role promoting well-being and social cohesion in our society. Our actions today desig

Alex Beard

Senior Director
Bring about a learning revolution

Valerie Hannon

Thought Leader
To transform education systems across the world to be fit for the future.

Sarah Martin

Founding Principal
To ensure the educational experience learners experience is relevant, future focused and deeply engaging.

Mitchell Salerno

Head of School
My mission is to create learning environments where learners can achieve their highest potential.

Jean (Barack) Habumugisha

Community Manager
Passionate about creating innovative learning methods!

Innocent Manzi

Vice Principal Administration and Finance
As an educator, I always put my learners at first prority and also be a leaner myself.

Greg Miller

Principal Leader
To nurture playful, curious children to become creative contributors and innovative problems solvers for a better world.

Judit Llavina Serra

Partner Success Manager
I want to contribute to the education field to make sure all children have the best and personalized learning experiences and opportunities.

Claire Amos

Principal at ASHS, NetSafe Board, Google Certified Innovator, co-founder of The DisruptED network. Passionate about leading change in education.

David Ramsay

Teacher, Community Leader & Leader for Learning Technologies and Platforms

Eline Lund

Dream big. Be brave. Make a difference. Teach. Member of Innovative Teachers, Colegios Fram and Daukaia.

Béa Beste

Making learning the best drug of the world and get everybody addicted to it!

Ross Hall

Every neighbourhood, network & organisation woven into a learning ecosystem in which everyone is empowered to live for universal wellbeing.