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Stephen Harris

Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer
Stephen Harris Co-founder

Becky Parker

Physicist & teacher

Will Richardson


Benjamin Otto

Entrepreneur, Changemaker and Founder
Every human being should have the opportunity to get to know themselves better and be supported in developing their strengths.

Christopher Pommerening

Learnlife’s ambition is to empower 100,000,000 learners and 100,000 schools by 2030.

Gary Spracklen

Headteacher & Principal
My mission is to inspire all to learn.

Sarah Martin

Founding Principal

Mitchell Salerno

Head of School
My mission is to create learning environments where learners can achieve their highest potential.

Jean (Barack) Habumugisha

Community Manager
Passionate about creating innovative learning methods!

Innocent Manzi

Vice Principal Administration and Finance
As an educator, I always put my learners at first prority and also be a leaner myself.

Greg Miller

Principal Leader
To nurture playful, curious children to become creative contributors and innovative problems solvers for a better world.

Judit Llavina Serra

Universal Pre-K Program Launch Fellow and Consultant

Claire Amos


Eline Lund


Béa Beste

Making learning the best drug of the world and get everybody addicted to it!

Ross Hall

Every neighbourhood, network & organisation woven into a learning ecosystem in which everyone is empowered to live for universal wellbeing.

Leo Woelfel

System Entrepreneur
Founding and building a curiosity-driven Learning Hub and Network of Hubs so every child has access to.

Frederico Fezas Vital

To give young people the skills necessary to know and transform the world they live in into the future they want to live

David Fernández Graña

Filmmaker & Teacher Trainer
Searching for inspiring examples of alternative & innovative educational projects and schools all over the world.

Cheryl Doig

Leadership Futurist
To grow learning opportunities that are equitable, ethical and intergenerational; and honour the past while influencing the future.

Emer Beamer

Founder and Learning Designer @ Designathon Works
To empower 1 million children to design a Better World

Karin Müller


Angga D. Martha


Dr. Burak Ulman

Peaceful, participatory and efficient learning communities

Zineb Mouhyi

Policy & Partnerships Development Officer
To participate in the needed transformation of education systems

Maciej Dziedzic

graduate student
Education is a human right, not a privilege

Sam Lardner

To make Learnlife Barcelona a happy and secure environment for learners and team members alike.

Laura Llop Bru

Product Manager
Contribute to building an open ecosystem for a new lifelong learning paradigm by helping create meaningful digital products.

Bryan Gibson

Research, Learner Design and Community Management
Support the delivery of an emerging global learning paradigm through research, learner design projects and community management.

Devin Carberry

Director of Learning Programs
Paradigm change.