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Christopher Pommerening

Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer of Learnlife

Benjamin Otto

Entrepreneur, Changemaker and Founder


Anne Forster

Director of Training and consultant

Bubba Gaeddert

Executive Director


Majeda Awawdeh

Founder and managing director

Business & Development

Colm Fallon

CEO & Founder

Business & Development

Urs Chalupny

Deputy Director

Ulrike Suwwan

Founder, Systemic Leadership Coach, Edtech Punk at Guide and Lead

Mònica Olivé

Digital Transformation Director

Steffi Michailowa

HR specialist

Hector Arreola Ibarra


Melody Lang

CoFounder & COO

David Parejo

Systemic Change Maker

Paulina Sánchez

Smile10 Co-Founder

Catalina Mueller

Product designer

Devin Reich


Philip O'Callaghan

Managing Director

Business & Development

David Zekaria

Transportation Lead

Janette Adams

Primary teacher / Learning & Teaching Coordinator / Owner @activoenglish