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Sean Slade

Senior Director, Global Outreach

United States
Social Development

Michael Crawford


United States
Social Development

Vipin Thekk

Senior Director

United States
Social Development

John Grant

Secondary Principal

United States

Christopher Wisdo


Andrew Taylor

Director of Technology and Personal Learning

Rachelle Dene Poth

Teacher and EdTech Consultant, Speaker

Cris Menchaaca

Education Consultant /Learning Coach / Podcaster

Keagan O'Mara

Art Integration Specialist

United States

Kat Schrier

Director of Games/Associate Professor

Michelle Culver

Co-Founder, Systems Learning Lab

Michael Ehrenfried

Chief Innovation Officer

United States

Amanda O'Mara

Tech and Engineering Teacher

Devin Reich


United States
Business & Development

Susannah Johnson

Founder, Co-Founder, Education Revolutionary

United States

Jennifer Groff


United States

Wendy Drexler

Senior Educational Advisor and Ed Tech Consultant

Cesar Barragan

Program manager

Nicholas Provenzano

Makerspace Director