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Vishal Talreja

Cofounder & Trustee

Social Development

Christopher Pommerening

Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer of Learnlife

Benjamin Otto

Entrepreneur, Changemaker and Founder


Catalina Cock

Executive Director and co founder

Social Development

Ali Raza Khan

Founder and CEO

Social Development

Olivier Brechard

Director Learning Planet Festival

Social Development

Sean Slade

Senior Director, Global Outreach

Social Development

Karin Müller


Social Development

Viliana Dzhartova

Head of Social Impact

Social Development

Dr. Burak Ulman


Social Development

Michael Sani


Social Development

Ilaina Rabbat

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Social Development

Michael Crawford


Social Development

Julia Deslorieux

Managing Director

Project Management

Noa Lodeizen

Co founder The Weaving Lab & Director Ashoka Netherlands

Social Development

Vipin Thekk

Senior Director

Social Development

Mathias Yashim

Founder and Executive Director

Social Development

Wilson Villones


Social Development

Michael Hagelmüller

Collective Impact Enabler

Social Development

Nathan Byrd

Program Manager

Miquel Navarro



Marc Sosna

Director @ Learning Innovation Unit

Business & Innovation

Orlando Temperli

Chief Academic Officer

Martin Jahr

Enterprise Consultant and Co-founder of a private alternative school

Richard Hainsworth


Adriano Di Prato

Partner: People, Culture & Communication

Alastair Blyth

Principal Lecturer - Professional Studies and Ethics