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Ulrike Suwwan

Founder, Systemic Leadership Coach, Edtech Punk at Guide and Lead

Alicia Clyde

Strategic Business Development Specialist

Sergio Sevilleja Alonso

Coordinador de formación

Monica Baudracco-Kastner

Trainer & consultant

Mònica Olivé

Digital Transformation Director

Steffi Michailowa

HR specialist

Project Management
Business & Development

Warwick Shepherd

Head of Design & Technology/Computing

Keagan O'Mara

Art Integration Specialist

Chris Ramsden

Educational Consultant

Hector Arreola Ibarra


Melody Lang

CoFounder & COO

David Parejo

Systemic Change Maker

Anna Harrison

Director of Educational Planning

Paulina Sánchez

Smile10 Co-Founder

Randy Fielding

Architect and Founding Partner

Catalina Mueller

Product designer

Devin Reich


Philip O'Callaghan

Managing Director

Business & Development