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Christopher Pommerening

Learnlife’s ambition is to empower 100,000,000 learners and 100,000 schools by 2030.

Alfredo Hernando

Founder of
Changing the world one school at a time

Eline Lund

Dream big. Be brave. Make a difference. Teach. Member of Innovative Teachers, Colegios Fram and Daukaia.

David Fernández Graña

Filmmaker & Teacher Trainer
Searching for inspiring examples of alternative & innovative educational projects and schools all over the world.

Viliana Dzhartova

Head of Social Impact
To help organisations see their role in bigger systems change, transform organisations from the inside.

Sam Lardner

To make Learnlife Barcelona a happy and secure environment for learners and team members alike.

Laura Llop Bru

Product Manager
Contribute to building an open ecosystem for a new lifelong learning paradigm by helping create meaningful digital products.

Devin Carberry

Director of Learning Programs
Paradigm change.

Emma Buckle

Head of Marketing & Communications
MarComms and powerful storytelling every day to help change the world through learning and address some of our biggest global challenges.

Ilaina Rabbat

Co-Founder and Executive Director
Develop professionals to create social imapct

Simón Menéndez Sadornil

Director of Ashoka's Education Strategy (Spain)
Unleashing the potential of young people to transform the world by teams for the good of all and partnering with adults co-lead together.

Adrià Balcázar Castell

Learning Guide
To walk the talk and make lifelong learning a reality for everyone.