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Will Richardson

Parent, writer, speaker, podcaster, instigator. Let's write the new story of schooling together.

Jill Vialet

To improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play.

Mark Greenberg

Emeritus Professor, Penn State U - Chair of CREATE
Create healthy caring schools by supporting adult SEL and wellness as well as consulting on systemic change.

David Castro

President and CEO
To liberate human potential through leadership development

Mitchell Salerno

Head of School
My mission is to create learning environments where learners can achieve their highest potential.

Judit Llavina Serra

Partner Success Manager
I want to contribute to the education field to make sure all children have the best and personalized learning experiences and opportunities.

Sean Slade

Senior Director, Global Outreach
ASCD empowers educators to achieve excellence in learning, teaching, and leading via a Whole Child approach to education.

Maciej Dziedzic

Graduate Student
Education is a human right, not a privilege

Dr. Viviana Alexandrowicz

Associate Professor
Dr. Alexandrowicz is leading the transformation of teacher preparation programs at USD into Changemaker teacher education.

Michael Crawford

Social innovation and learning professional, striving to help people activate their own best selves.

Adam Molyneux-Berry

To create safe spaces to shift consciousness - activating people as changemakers, contributing to planetary wellbeing.

Andrea Saveri

Education Futurist
Contribute to the self awakening, agency, and wellbeing of students around the world.

Vipin Thekk

Senior Director
Founder of Changemakers Communities and Change Leader at Ashoka.

Wisdom Amouzou

Co-Founder & Executive Director
The world is ours.

Fernande Raine

To ensure that history is presented and taught in a way that allows young people to feel belonging, agency, empathy and community

Lara Stein

Founder, CEO Boma
Boma is a global network of local partners offering transformational learning experiences (summits, executive programmes, workshops, etc.) s

Carlo Monsanto

Director / Scholar / Consultant
The emergence of learning ecosystems requires learners to go through a process of intrinsic learning, resolving all barriers, inside out.