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Camilla Martinsson

Teacher grade 5

Jim Conner


Philipp Doebeli


Gerrit Mauch

CEO & Co Founder

Steve Shapiro

Coordinator of Experiential Learning

Hans De Four

Head of PR & Events - Founder of several educational projects to stimulate the professional development of teachers innovating education

Rutz Susi

Education visionary,train-the-trainer

Claire Evans

Academic director

Kelly Pfeiffer

Innovative Educator

Gerlind Grosse

School Founder

Rachael Mweti

Class teacher

Sabine Marsch

School leader

Thomas Ferber


Luiza Apostu

Founder of an alternative agile school

Mark Harris

Middle School Principal

Robin Bortlik


Laurent Granier

Product designer

Mareike Müller

CEO & Founder

Pawel Chudzinski

parent and / or investor

Jenni Altus


Nicholas Johnson

Education Leader