Meet and follow our active members

Sean Slade

Senior Director, Global Outreach
ASCD empowers educators to achieve excellence in learning, teaching, and leading via a Whole Child approach to education.

Oktawia Gorzenska

Head of Education & Headteacher & Owner
To encourage, equip, and engage people and organizations to transform education.

David Fernández Graña

Filmmaker & Teacher Trainer
Searching for inspiring examples of alternative & innovative educational projects and schools all over the world.

Arnaud Saint-Paul

Help children become philanthropists and practice sustainable financial literacy

Francisco Serrano Baptista

To empower this generation to own their change agency.

Cheryl Doig

Leadership Futurist
To grow learning opportunities that are equitable, ethical and intergenerational; and honour the past while influencing the future.

Emer Beamer

Founder and Learning Designer @ Designathon Works
To empower 1 million children to design a Better World

Karin Müller

Dream it, wish it, do it!

Viliana Dzhartova

Head of Social Impact
To help organisations see their role in bigger systems change, transform organisations from the inside.

Fiona Carnie

To support transformative educational approaches that are rooted in the well-being of people and planet

Jason Swanson

Director, Strategic Foresight
To advance a future of learning that ensures each student graduates ready for what’s next.

Adam Barton

Visiting Fellow / Luce Scholar
Studying innovation and social change processes to support new learning experiences that will enable all learners to thrive in uncertainty

Angga D. Martha

To ensure that young people are not just checkboxes, but the key stakeholders and active participants in shaping future development.

Dr. Burak Ulman

Peaceful, participatory and efficient learning communities

Zineb Mouhyi

Policy & Partnerships Development Officer
To participate in the needed transformation of education systems

Rachel Tomlinson

Learn To Love: Love To Learn

Michael Sani

Using play to spark curiosity, dialogue & creative problem solving of big global issues, driving systemic change by collective advocacy

Maciej Dziedzic

Graduate Student
Education is a human right, not a privilege

Sam Lardner

To make Learnlife Barcelona a happy and secure environment for learners and team members alike.

Laura Llop Bru

Product Manager
Contribute to building an open ecosystem for a new lifelong learning paradigm by helping create meaningful digital products.

Bryan Gibson

Research, Learner Design and Community Management
Support the delivery of an emerging global learning paradigm through research, learner design projects and community management.

Devin Carberry

Director of Learning Programs
Paradigm change.

Emma Buckle

Head of Marketing & Communications
MarComms and powerful storytelling every day to help change the world through learning and address some of our biggest global challenges.

Dr. Viviana Alexandrowicz

Associate Professor
Dr. Alexandrowicz is leading the transformation of teacher preparation programs at USD into Changemaker teacher education.

Parag Mankeekar

Founder & CEO
Leader and creator of RealLivesWorld, a global scaling simulation promoting empathy and SEL skills using real world data.

Grant Rix

Director - Training and Programmes
Children and young people who are thriving, not just surviving

Carl Mirwald

Mutual help and care. Peace education. Self-sufficiency, creativity, mindfulness in school and society.

Ilaina Rabbat

Co-Founder and Executive Director
Develop professionals to create social imapct

Michael Crawford

Social innovation and learning professional, striving to help people activate their own best selves.

Matti Straub-Fischer

Guardian of Transformation
transforming education and business - creating regenerative, co-owned circle business structures for collaboration on same eyelevel