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Anton Zastavnyi

To create a centre of excellence for every child

Eithne Gallagher

Author & Educational Consultant
Children should know from an early age that being a polyglot is not only a desirable outcome of education but an achievable one.

Julia Deslorieux

Managing Director
Create Life Hamburg - the open ecosystem for lifelong learning, wellbeing and vocation.

Lesley Tyler

Exceutive Director
To provide a complete education

Noa Lodeizen

Co founder The Weaving Lab & Director Ashoka Netherlands
everyone a changemaker

Stephanos Cherouvis

Senior Researcher
Teaching, researching, community building.

Sandra de Gelder

Create a heartful world where parents role model to their children how to follow their hearts and live their lives to the fullest.

Adam Molyneux-Berry

To create safe spaces to shift consciousness - activating people as changemakers, contributing to planetary wellbeing.

Henry Playfoot

To help individuals and organisations work out how to communicate more effectively with the people they care about most.

Andrea Saveri

Education Futurist
Contribute to the self awakening, agency, and wellbeing of students around the world.

Vipin Thekk

Senior Director
Founder of Changemakers Communities and Change Leader at Ashoka.

Amy McConnell Franklin

Independent Educational Consultant in Emotional Intelligence and mindful, ethical social and emotional learning
To help educators make learning relevant, important and meaningful, using pedagogies that liberate, include, and invite all and diverse voic

Mathias Yashim

Founder and Executive Director
Building leaders, strengthening the lives and sharpening the skills of young people for community and sustainable development.

Wilson Villones

To create more tech and data solutions and learning ecosystems to improve wellbeing of school children and teachers in Asia and Africa.

Suparna Diwakar

Founder and Dean
Working on new paradigms to make the world a better place for ALL.

Wisdom Amouzou

Co-Founder & Executive Director
The world is ours.

Jon Long

Founder/The Earth Network/The Skool Project
To Create and Inspire

Hemakshi Meghani

Co Founder
To nurture a community of principled public leaders, who work towards making democracy work for all citizens in India

Michael Hagelmüller

Collective Impact Enabler
Supporting changemakers in education to respond to the pressing challenges of the 21st century.

Fernande Raine

To ensure that history is presented and taught in a way that allows young people to feel belonging, agency, empathy and community

Helena Singer

Change the mindset of education

Simón Menéndez Sadornil

Director of Ashoka's Education Strategy (Spain)
Unleashing the potential of young people to transform the world by teams for the good of all and partnering with adults co-lead together.

Peter Hutton

We imagine a world of purpose-filled, empowered learning.

Lisa Marie Blaschke

Programme Director
Free learners to learn

Katelijne Vercaeren

Founder and Dream Maker
I am on a mission to drive sustainable transformation by unlocking creative processes from Me and We to It.

Julie Harris

CEO and Founder
Crazy about creativity, innovation and learning for life

Lara Stein

Founder, CEO Boma
Boma is a global network of local partners offering transformational learning experiences (summits, executive programmes, workshops, etc.) s

Carlo Monsanto

Director / Scholar / Consultant
The emergence of learning ecosystems requires learners to go through a process of intrinsic learning, resolving all barriers, inside out.

Adrià Balcázar Castell

Learning Guide
To walk the talk and make lifelong learning a reality for everyone.