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Alfredo Hernando - Online Learning: Let’s make it innovative!

We are joined by Alfredo Hernando for a chat about innovation in online learning. This podcast is part of #RELEARN2020.


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Alfredo Hernando is a psychologist, academic and author dedicated to innovating education. As creator and director of the educational innovative project Escuela21, Alfredo is one of our Thought Leaders and has travelled the world to identify, explore and communicate best practices of schools from all over the world. 

Based on his insights and research, Escuela21 has generated audio-visual content, teacher training plans for educational institutions and Universities as well as conferences and workshops in order to give teachers references, insights and tools to improve learning for their students. With more than one million downloads of his books: A Journey to the 21st Century Education and Innovative schools and creative families, both shared as Open Sources, Escuela21 has had a wide-spread impact on teachers and schools across the world.

Alfredo is an active debater of many topics in education: the methodology of design thinking, gamification, learning landscapes, the adoption of technology in learning and the management of innovation processes in schools, among others. Nowadays Alfredo lives in the innovative co-housing and cultural project that he helped to build in Vienna: gleis21.wien.

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