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Béa Beste - Online Learning: Let's make it fun!

We are joined by Béa Beste for a conversation about making online learning fun. This podcast is part of #RELEARN2020.


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Béa Beste is an edupreneur, professional blogger and book author. She writes with her team on TOLLABEA about creative play and craft ideas, education and everything helps parents, educators and teachers to spark the joy of learning. Her book about Co-Learning became right now in Germany in just one month a bestseller. Her current goal is to achieve significant organic business growth without huge investment sums – and to spend Europe’s cold season in warm climates.

Education and children are the topics that drive her: in 2005 she founded Phorms Education, a chain of 9 bilingual schools across Germany. After 6 years as CEO of the company, she went on an educational expedition through India, Australia, Indonesia and the USA in 2011. Inspired by innovative international educational approaches, she developed Tollabox to bring learning and play worlds together and to maintain and develop the creativity and innovative strength of young children. Béa now focuses on developing new digital ideas with the same objective.

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