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Managing, Understanding & Articulating Emotions

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Managing our emotions can be a challenge, especially in times or uncertainty and change. During this confinement period, we have no doubt experienced a roller coaster of different emotions. For children and young people, it is no different. This session will aim to dispel some of the myths around expressing emotions, the importance of showing our own vulnerability to create and encourage empathy and "psychological safety" for our children, as well as creative and fun ways to engage in discussion or exploration of emotions with loved ones and family.

This session will provide practical hands-on tips and tricks for how to:

  • Understand and interpret our own emotional state of wellbeing, as well as those in the family
  • Find fun and interactive ways to express emotions, frustrations and desires as a family
  • Tips and tricks to help articulate and express our emotions
  • The power of theatre, storytelling and creative writing as a release for managing emotions

    To make the most of this workshop, please: 
  • Try to log in a couple of minutes before 6pm CET (so we can start punctually)
  • Bring paper, a pen and an empty roll of toilet paper or kitchen roll (yes, you read that correctly!)
  • Come with an open mind and a dose of humour

Language: The session will be imparted primarily in English, however the facilitators also speak Spanish and will endeavour to make the session as bilingual as possible.

Please register to join the event to receive the link to the Zoom meeting.

About our workshop facilitators:

Emma has been working as a communications professional for the past 12 years in the education and social impact sectors, almost a decade of which she has spent in her local and beloved Barcelona. She is also an amateur theatre and stand-up comedy enthusiast. As a mother to two young boys, she uses her keen passion for storytelling and theatre as an outlet for making talking about emotions fun and inspiring. In her free time, you're most likely to find her running around the beach, paddle boarding or hosting voluntary reading projects in English.

Monica has been a mindset coach for 15 years, facilitating sessions around personal and professional development in schools, companies and hospitals. She became a self-confessed “brain nerd” after 2 of her close family were separately treated for serious brain related illnesses some years ago. She is passionate about making breakthroughs in neuroscience accessible to all through her own down to earth, layman explanations. She achieves this through the patient centric illustrations and resources she co-creates with neuro specialists at GOSH in the UK and Maryland University in the USA. She is proud of her ongoing contributions to SUCCESS, a charity dedicated to empowering brain tumour survivors; and TEI, a foundation dedicated to improving mental wellbeing in school and in the workplace.

When she's not empowering people to change the way they think, she loves flamenco dancing, mountain trekking and travelling. She’s also proud mother to 3 young adults who are her greatest teachers.



Monica Evason

Mindset Coach

Emma Buckle

Learnlife Storyteller

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