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Mindfulness for Children and Adolescents

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This workshop is an introduction to the art of mindfulness in our daily lives. We will cover how practicing mindfulness can benefit our family in every way and will provide practical tools to parents for loving awareness, presence and resilience. If we as parents are not happy and rested how can we expect our children to be the same? Beginning with ourselves and experiencing the practice of mindfulness through simple meditation, movement and relaxation techniques we will learn to connect with ourselves so that we can then connect deeply with our children and enjoy a transformative healing process that is at the heart of parenting.

About our facilitator:

A British born professional contemporary dancer and mother of two boys, Lucy has been practising yoga since the age of 16. She has been teaching professionally for more than 12 years. Lucy trained in Sivananda Hatha Yoga in India and continued her training in vinyasa yoga at Laughing Lotus studio San Francisco. In Barcelona 2014-2019 Lucy co-created and directed YOMU, yoga flow, live cello & beats classes with cellist Pepe Arias. Lucy currently teaches in Barcelona at Yoga One Borne, La Shanti Vida Yoga studio and Soho House. Throughout her career, Lucy has taught yoga in education in Barcelona from classes for teachers to preschool children, primary school and teens. She has taught at the Benjamin Franklin school, the British School, Montessori Nursery School Gracia and for family focused studio classes. In 2018 Lucy began her teaching to teens and guides at Learnlife, introducing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness in an educational setting. At the centre of Lucy’s teaching is her personal story, from darkness to light, the healing and transformative power of yoga practice & prayer, how yoga practice is not just part of a healthy lifestyle but a way of living, parenting and awakening with grace


Lucy Beckwith

Yoga Teacher & Mindfulness Coach

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