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Parenting beyond Covid: what have we learned?

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In this workshop, we will cover what have we learned, as a learning community, during these last months and share some tips and tricks for parenting in a post-covid World. 

Workshop facilitators:

Guille Villena, Learning Guide at Learnlife

Guille holds degrees in Advertising and Public Relations (2011, URL) and Primary Education (2019, UNIR). He worked in Advertising until he realised it wasn’t what he was born to do. So Guille quit his job and embarked on a personal journey that unveiled his passion and purpose in life: keeping our inner child alive. Now he is fulfilling his purpose as a Learning Guide at Learnlife.

Stephen Harris, Chief Learning Officer, Learnlife

Stephen Harris, Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer at Learnlife, has been in education for more than 40 years, with teaching experience across almost every grade from Kindergarten to Year 12. He has been a school leader for 30 years. Prior to Learnlife, Stephen was the Principal of Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS) in Sydney, Australia from 1999 - 2017. He currently lives across two cities - Barcelona and Sydney, crossing the globe frequently. Learnlife Barcelona is a lighthouse hub - the pioneer space for lifelong learning in downtown Barcelona. A state-of-the-art learning community, it is the first in a worldwide network of learning hubs meant to accelerate change in existing education models through personal purpose-based based learning. It features a series of creative studios designed to inspire learners through evidence-driven best practices from innovative schools around the world.


Guille Villena

Learning Guide, Learnlife

Stephen Harris

Chief Learning Officer, Learnlife

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