Summer and short programmes

Ed Cousland, 12+

Artsy Panoramic Photos & Drawings

Turn deformed and multiplied images into pieces of art!
Learnlife Barcelona, 12+

Fun and Funky Photographic Composition

Brush up on your photographic technique!
Valeria Ler, 12+

Multimedia: Storytelling

Mix artistic and strategist skills to create stories.
Valeria Ler, 12+

Multimedia: the Creative Process

Unleash your creativity!
David Read, 12+

Music Production

Using "found sounds" as a source of inspiration
Learnlife Barcelona, 12+/15+

Taste of Learnlife

Get a taste of the Learnlife Barcelona full time program!
Learnlife Barcelona summer and short programmes are a fun way to learn skills, develop talents and build confidence. At Learnlife Barcelona, we promote: