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Today, revolutions often begin with the spreading of ideas online. 

If history has taught us anything, it is that when groups aggregate with purpose, it can have a lasting impact. Revolutions are a great example of how the spreading of an idea encourages like-minded people to assemble, share, plan and take action to influence change. 

Today, revolutions often begin with the spreading of ideas online

Consider for a moment the size and scale of the French revolution (being Bastille Day today in France, it felt apt to choose this particular example). The spread of its influence to other nations was a lengthy process, sometimes taking years, and even spanning decades, to be felt elsewhere. The 2010 Arab Spring in contrast, demonstrated the power of online and social media in spreading ideas rapidly – a revolution in itself.

The internet has reimagined and reshaped societal behaviour. Revolution and the spreading of ideas can begin in people’s houses virtually – behind the very walls history designed to protect us. 

Today we are witnessing the increased impact humans can have on one another that is no longer confined to local communities or nations, but surpassing walls and borders by the increased digital connections brought about by globalisation. The potential now exists to unite globally to bring about a much needed revolution in education.  

The Alliance community, created by Learnlife, has one overarching mission - to champion an emerging global learning paradigm fit for the 21st century.

The Alliance also aims to influence siloed government systems to design and implement a new learning paradigm fit for 21st century purpose.  Currently governments remain either unwilling or unable to do so.  

The power of online generates waves of influence across local communities, regions, nations and continents, and has the potential to gather enough support to spark an educational revolution. Like any other revolution, for a new learning paradigm to be achieved, it requires like-minded individuals, innovators and changemakers to unite to generate that momentum. 

The Alliance will steer a new global learning paradigm by sharing ideas, resources, stories, research, best practices and through debate.  The Alliance seeks to unite all nations and encourage the emergence of a diverse, interlingual community. 

Some of the world’s most pressing issues; climate change, environmental degradation, democracy in question and economic inequality, continue to receive coverage on global media platforms – education remains largely silent. Ironically, education is the very mechanism that can solve these issues and the reason why an Alliance community is needed to reprioritise and spread learning’s purpose.  

Education was traditionally created to establish social conformity – but now it must be used to disrupt the status quo. The 2020 global Covid pandemic might be just the event needed for education ministries to take notice and recognise the need to overhaul the current generic global system, which is no longer fit for purpose. 

There is no better cohort to lead educational change than our global youth. The Alliance can support young people by spreading a global learning paradigm that suits today’s students and prepares them for their tomorrow. Led by those generations who went through a traditional learning system, Alliance members have the experience and passion to understand the reason for change. Uniting generations in this learning revolution can help it become a mass popular movement.  

The success of a revolution is measured by the courage and willingness of those individuals and groups who unrelentingly strive to create the necessary momentum for change, and its success becomes recorded in the annals of history. It is time for the world of education to assemble and bring about the learning revolution the world needs. The Alliance aspires to be the online platform which unites those individuals and organisations, rewriting history in the process.   

Educational change, like the French revolution that spread new ideals to other nations, might take years to spread and succeed globally, but we stand a better chance if we use an Alliance community to communicate to the world that we will no longer accept a dying system of learning for our youth today. 

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