Meet the Learning Guides: Georgi

Meet Georgi Panayatov: Georgi has a decade of experience in education — from kindergartens to universities. He has travelled the world and has been teaching in different cultures like Italy, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Germany and Spain. He is familiar with using methods from arts, entrepreneurship and education to create action-based learning experiences. His aim is to bring innovation and creativity closer to learners, parents and educators; constantly questioning the current system and looking for alternatives.

“Our Dream School is a space to thrive, a place to be …

I am extremely inspired to observe and experience the shift in our learners in short amounts of times. After only a few months, they become more independent and self-confident. They have lots to bring to the world and the magic happens when that comes out of their hearts. I love the diversity of nations, beliefs, customs and languages. The community of parents, learners and learning guides is full of enthusiasm for what is happening at Learnlife. We are constantly contributing to each others growth and this is the most exciting part — that is an exchange of knowledge, skills, passions, stories, moments.”