No New Normal: How Exponential Technologies will Define Kids' Future

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Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, or Biotech are developing faster and faster. These high-impact technologies have the potential to transform our world, and it will happen more quickly than ever before.

In this thrive session, Albi will present an overview of exponential technology trends and how they are shaping our future. After the presentation, we will have an open discussion on how this accelerated evolution will impact the future of our kids.  Is there still a future-proof learning model? How should we support young learners to be prepared for such a utopic or dystopic world?

About our speaker:

As an entrepreneur in the tech space, Albi has worked with different telecom and tech companies for more than 20 years. He has helped organizations to adopt new technologies (digitization, machine learning, chatbots...) to transform their businesses. Currently, he works for a Fintech company called fonYou, which he co-founded in 2006.


Albrecht (Albi) Graf von der Recke

Cofounder, fonYou

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