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The collective power of similarly motivated individuals sharing the same passion to establish new paradigms for learning is far greater than the energy of a single person. An expanding, global alliance of like-minded changemakers and innovators, holding common goals around a paradigm shift, will provide the means by which change can scale. The key to scaling change will be to create an alliance that is truly global, highly inclusive, and drawing from the strengths and passions of all involved. A global movement has, to some extent, been an elusive goal - It is essential to generate the necessary momentum.

There are already many national and international groups attempting to achieve change - and they continue to do great work. The Learnlife community for global changemakers does not seek to replace these, rather create an easily accessed platform that will provide the connections necessary for innovative organisations or individuals from anywhere in the world to aggregate their passion and determination - this will generate the momentum to drive a deep change in the way we learn.

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