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Beyond Tantrums and Threats

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Beyond Tantrums and Threats: Strategies for healthy dialogue, conflict resolution, and collaborative problem solving with your child.

Whether it be with our partners, parents, children or coworkers, it’s difficult to talk when we are annoyed, frustrated, disappointed or hurt. We often resort to unproductive forms of communication--like yelling or blaming, withdrawing or avoiding--that hurt the relationship and don’t achieve our goals.

This highly interactive workshop is designed to provide explicit guidance on how to dramatically improve interactions with your children (or anyone) and reduce challenging episodes. We will focus on how to keep the relationship intact while finding mutually beneficial solutions through a collaborative-problem solving model. By using this model at home, your child will learn a host of new skills: from self-monitoring to emotional regulation, and from problem solving to collaboration.

About the speaker:

Devin Carberry is the Director of Learning Programs for Learnlife Barcelona. He has been an educator for 18 years in a variety of educational settings — from after school to public policy and from classroom teaching to nonprofit leadership . His teaching has been featured in both national print and broadcast media, and he was invited to serve on the Arizona Governor’s Task Force on Education and to write for Rethinking Schools magazine. He has helped launch three schools and two nonprofit organisations. Most recently, Devin has turned his attention to helping learners and their parents grow their capacity for conversational intelligence, collaborative problem solving, and conflict resolution.


Devin Carberry

Director of Learning Programs, Learnlife

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