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Emotional Lockdown: Talking to kids about confinement

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Confinement elicits a wide variety of emotions, all of which have something to teach us, but many of which are treated as unwanted guests because they are intense or uncomfortable. As a result, we employ coping strategies to deal with these emotions, some of which just so we can survive, while others enable us to thrive. How do we begin conversations with our children about how they are coping with confinement? How do we help them navigate this complex emotional landscape? This workshop is an interactive training in practical ways to have that conversation and feel confident in your capacity to support your child.

This workshop will be run in both English and Spanish.

About our workshop facilitators:

Daniela Porta is a Clinical Psychologist and currently our “Wellness Counselor” at Learnlife. Before moving to Barcelona, she worked for more than five years as a psychotherapist for children, adolescents and families in Santiago de Chile. Additionally she has collaborated with numerous NGOs promoting community engagement and growth.

Devin Carberry is the Director of Learning Programs for Learnlife Barcelona. He has been an educator for 18 years in a variety of educational settings — from after school to public policy and from classroom teaching to nonprofit leadership . His teaching has been featured in both national print and broadcast media, and he was invited to serve on the Arizona Governor’s Task Force on Education and to write for Rethinking Schools magazine. He has helped launch three schools and two nonprofit organisations. Most recently, Devin has turned his attention to helping learners and their parents grow their capacity for conversational intelligence, collaborative problem solving, and conflict resolution.


Daniela Porta

Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Counselor at Learnlife

Devin Carberry

Director of Learning Programmes at Learnlife

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