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Navigating Difficult Conversations with Children & Teens

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In light of the global Movement for Black Lives and Pride month, many families are feeling called to have difficult conversations with kids and teens about fairness, equity, and justice. Many adults may not feel ready for these conversations and this workshop will provide tools and space for you to practice and explore authentic ways for you to navigate these conversations.

About our speaker:

Julia Firestone has led Innovation Capacity Building at Pearson for the last year. She has trained more than 300 colleagues around the world to use innovation practices like Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping to serve learners, educators, and families more effectively. She also runs Pearson’s Tiger Team program delivering rapid innovation sprints to develop and test new products and services. Her background is in global education and literacy, supporting teachers, students, and communities around the world.

Julia is a certified Transformational Leadership Coach, serving emerging leaders who actively work to make the world a better place. She also serves as a Diversity & Inclusion Champion and supports many local voluntary organisations seeking to help minority and underrepresented social groups.


Julia Firestone

Life Coach & Transformational Leadership Expert

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