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[RE]LEARN Series: Online Schooling vs Remote Learning

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Update: This event has passed but you can still register to be part of the RELEARN series and receive updates on new live streams, links to videos and other extra content. Register now

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On Tuesday 7th April, Learnlife will host the first global livestream event in our new RELEARN series. Bearing in mind the current global pandemic and the resulting disruption to traditional education, the topic will focus on the tension between ‘Online Schooling and Online Learning - contending that a different paradigm for learning is just as vital in the online world’. 

In the space of just a few weeks, the world has radically changed. Hundreds of millions of children have been locked down in their homes across the world, with just a few lucky enough to access some level of ongoing online learning support. In many cases however, teachers remain as inexperienced in online learning as their classes.

The conversation will include four 15 minute presentations from global leaders in this field, followed by a live Q&A session. To supplement this, there will also be an additional series of pre-recorded interviews with other practitioners, thought leaders and experts. These supplementary interviews will be available via the Learnlife website after the event. You can see the speakers and interviewees, experts in the fields of online learning and innovation from over 7 different countries, listed below.  

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