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Who We Are

We are a group of changemakers united by our passion to create a new life-long learning paradigm.

We envision that collaborative learning communities will become the problem-solving champions in a world where agility, creativity and innovation will be needed to solve future challenges.

In Barcelona we are growing our first learning innovation community exploring a new learning paradigm. As more people join the journey, the impact of this growing community is already sparking a wider momentum for change.

What Do We Do

We are building an open ecosystem for a new lifelong learning paradigm alongside existing education systems.

Research was undertaken that looked at many highly regarded ‘best practice’ examples of innovative schools from around the world.

In collaboration with thought leaders for learning, we are developing new learning elements, learning spaces and learning technologies that are responsive to the inspirations, needs and challenges of today’s children and future generations to come.

Recent news

June 6, 2019

Learnlife secures €3.1m to positively change education worldwide

Learnlife is on a mission to positively change the world of learning by empowering individuals, schools and governments through a new learner-centred paradigm that focuses on purpose-inspired and personal learning. The open ecosystem for a new lifelong learning paradigm comprises a digital platform and physical hubs. Through this hybrid approach, Learnlife’s ambition is to empower 100,000,000 learners and 100,000 schools by 2030, enabling them to adopt and integrate learning innovation elements into their own projects. In a historic seed funding round, Learnlife secures €3.1 million to transform education worldwide.

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Explore Learnlife

Learnlife Barcelona

Learnlife Bacelona is our first learning innovation community and the role model for the new learning paradigm.

In Barcelona, we offer learners a wide range of afternoon programmes, summer programme, and a full-time programme.

The Alliance

The Alliance is a community of thought leaders, innovative educators and changemakers from around the world.

The purpose of the group is help to create and maintain a new learning paradigm and initiate a positive educational change.

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Alfredo Hernando
Author · A Journey to the 21st Century Education

Béa Beste
Co-Founder · Phorms Education

Carl Heath
Vice President Professional Education · RISE Research Sweden

David Price
Learning Futurist · Author of Open

Ferran Adrià
World-renowned Chef · Author ofThe Family Meal

Jeremy Birk
Executive Vice President of Curriculum and Innovation · Stratford Schools

John Hoffman
CEO & Director · GSMA Mobile World Congress

Kiran Bir Sethi
Founder · Design For Change

Marc Sosna
Director of Learning Innovation Unit · IESE Business School

Margret Rasfeld
Headmistress & Educational Innovator · Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum

Martin Dougiamis
Founder & CEO · Moodle

Nathan Byrd
Global Programs, Community Partnerships · Facebook

Otto Herz
Psychologist & Author · Education Changemaker

Peter Vesterbacka
CMO · Angry Bird

Prof. Becky Parker
Physicist & Director · The Institute for Research in Schools

Rosan Bosch
Founder · Rosan Bosch Studio

Sarah Martin
Founding Principal · Stonefields School

Valerie Hannon
Co-founder · Innovation Unit

Yong Zhao, Ph.D.
Professor University of Kansas · Author of World Class Learners

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