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Remote work

Remote Learning:
An Intensive Programme for School Leaders & Innovators

May 21st
Individual €390
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Develop your capacity to implement a successful remote learning programme that transmits a love of learning.

This intensive programme is designed by learning innovators for educators to equip them with the tools needed to reimagine, reinvent and reconstruct their learning ecosystems in order to remain relevant for 21st century learning purposes in this increasingly agile world.

Remote learning is more important now than ever

Almost overnight, the COVID-19 situation forced learning institutions around the world to go online. Was your school ready for it? How have you adjusted to the needs of your learners in this new environment? This is a learning process during which we are all discovering a lot about ourselves as individuals, leaders, educators. The Remote Learning Intensive for School Leaders & Innovators series is specifically designed to develop the capacity of school leaders to implement a successful remote learning programme that transmits a love of learning.

We aren’t going
to back “normal”

Building your learning ecosystem

As school leaders and educators, it’s hard not to think of the future and be asking ourselves “when will things go back to normal?” The real question we should be asking is “when this is over, what do we want to be doing differently?” Right now, we have the opportunity to implement change, as we are in a place without rules or limitations in terms of how we can see and experience learning. Let’s take advantage of this moment to move beyond old practices and status quo to truly focus on learning without forgetting that in the online learning environment it is still about connections, relationships and feedback.


For those who want a little more

For an extra fee, individual virtual coaching will be available, as well as the option for entire school or staff development through virtual workshops.

Learn together

For a more collaborative learning experience, we recommend that 3 people (e.g. school leader; digital learning leader; teacher innovator) join from one school or institution, if possible.


Meet your learning coach

Dr. Stephen Harriss Dr. Stephen Harriss

Dr. Stephen Harris

Learning coach

Stephen is the Co-Founder and Director of Learning at Learnlife. Prior to Learnlife, Stephen was the Principal of Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS) in Sydney, Australia from 1999 - 2017. He has been involved with researching online learning since 2002. In 2005 Stephen received a university travel fellowship to assess online learning best practice across six countries spanning Europe and North America. Furthermore, he has been a conference presenter or workshop leader on innovation in school education, including looking at the place of blended, online and remote learning to support any learning experiences since 2006.

During his time at NBCS, the school became one of the first in Australia to offer online courses for final year students as an alternative to face to face. Also, NBCS trained all teaching staff to be capable of working in both face to face and virtual learning contexts, sometimes at the same time. Under his leadership, NBCS gained international recognition as an organisation that was noted for leading pedagogic change.

In Australia, Stephen received recognition at the inaugural 2011 Australian Awards for Outstandng Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), as the Australian Secondary Principal of the Year (NSW). Stephen was also recognised in 2017 as a recipient of the prestigious John Laing Award by the Principals Australia Institute presented to exceptional school leaders. Stephen completed his PhD focused on education in 2018.

For more information, please visit: https://stephenharris.me/profile


Years of experience

Stephen Harris has been in education for more than 40 years, with teaching experience across almost every grade from Kindergarten to Year 12. He has been a school leader for 30 years.


Completed his PhD thesis

Stephen Harris’ PHD thesis, completed in 2018, looked at ‘Vision as a catalyst for educational change‘. His firm belief is that every person should love learning, and that it is the responsibility of schools or other learning institutions to relentlessly seek to engage students in their learning.

4 week itinerary
starting on May 21th


As an introduction to remote learning, you will become familiar with its history and practice. We will share our current contexts and understandings, before looking at variations of the virtual learning environment such as: online learning / online schooling / online teaching; remote / home / distance learning; synchronous vs asynchronous learning/courses, all the while considering models from around the world. You will be examining and evaluating existing open source or paid resources/content that support remote learning. Throughout this, you will learn from others as well as from each other by engaging in meaningful discussions about your different contexts.

It’s time to apply what you’ve been learning. In week 2, you will develop a vision for remote learning suitable for your own context, taking into consideration the relevant pedagogical and heutagogical thinking that should be considered.

The next step is to create a model to enact your vision for remote learning. In order to implement a remote or online learning programme, you must consider the key roles that are relevant. This will be done by selecting a dedicated team that allows for clear and distributed leadership with co-opted external expertise as necessary. This week you will also look at growing capacity in terms of professional development and global quality statements in relation to remote learning.

You will wrap up the programme by discussing strategies for troubleshooting, overcoming challenges and general future directions.

The programme outcomes

Upon completion of the programme, you will have learnt skills to:

  • Know about other schools or institutions that run remote/online learning programmes.
  • Understand the different options or possibilities connected to online or remote learning.
  • Determine what type of programme would best suit your context.
  • Identify a ‘guiding coalition’ for their school or community.
  • Create a vision for your remote learning programme.
  • Develop a strategy for implementing a remote/online learning programme (whether that be a blended approach, fully online; synchronous or asynchronous).
  • Have an understanding of what ‘quality’ could look like in remote learning contexts.

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