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We are helping to connect and empower changemakers worldwide through an open, collaborative approach to turbo-charge global education transformation worldwide. From our first Learning Hub in Barcelona, we are driving this change and empowering others to join us on the journey.
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A new approach to lifelong learning

Let’s positively change education together

We are on a mission to positively change the world of learning by empowering individuals, schools and governments through a new learning approach. Visit our lifelong learning paradigm to see how we are doing this.
A new approach to lifelong learning


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We are opening learning hubs all over the world and we are creating online tools for learners and innovators.

Learnlife Barcelona

A step beyond traditional school, we are building learning communities for lifelong learners. We believe that learning innovation within communities will be the driver behind positive societal change. Visit our flagship Barcelona hub to see how we’re exploring and living learning innovation.

The Alliance

We continue to learn from thought leaders and educators from sectors including education, psychology, neuroscience, entrepreneurship, architecture and other areas to continually develop and grow the learning paradigm. The Alliance brings these changemakers and thought leaders together to share, ideate and act.


Stephen Harris

Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer, Learnlife

Becky Parker

Physicist & teacher

Will Richardson


Benjamin Otto

Entrepreneur, Changemaker and Founder

Vishal Talreja

Cofounder & Trustee

Luis Alberto Camargo

Executive Director

Christopher Pommerening


Jill Vialet