Who we are

We are a group of changemakers united by our passion to create a new life-long learning paradigm.

We envision that collaborative learning communities will become the problem-solving champions in a world where agility, creativity and innovation will be needed to solve future challenges.

In Barcelona we are growing our first learning innovation community exploring a new learning paradigm. As more people join the journey, the impact of this growing community is already sparking a wider momentum for change.

Why we exist

We believe in a world where people thrive as a result of a deep sense of purpose.

Aligned to this is the need for a clear personal experience of balance - communal wellness, enhanced by a thoughtful approach to nature and technology.

Lifelong learning should lead to a heightened sense of personal contentment and happiness, especially given the context of a changing world of work and learning.

What do we do and how

We are building the open ecosystem for a new lifelong learning paradigm alongside existing education systems.

Research was undertaken that looked at many highly regarded ‘best practice’ examples of innovative schools from around the world.

In collaboration with thought leaders for learning, we are developing new learning elements, learning spaces and learning technologies that are responsive to the inspirations, needs and challenges of today’s children and future generations to come.