Upcoming events

Getting Intimate! Dating, Sex and Pornography in the 21st Century

Thrive Parenting Series by Learnlife

Summer Fest - an Open House with a difference!

Join us to experience the future of learning!

21st Century Trends that Will Impact How Your Kids Learn, Live and Work

Thrive Parenting Series by Learnlife

Past events

VIRTUAL: Early Years info session

Find out more about our Early Years programme initiating in September 2020

Be Kind to Your Mind: Developing Positive Habits to Support Mental Health and Cognitive Functioning

Thrive Parenting Series by Learnlife

YOGA & CHILL evening for a good cause

Yoga and meditation wellness event to fundraise and help support the Learnlife Kigali project. Come and get stretchy for a good cause!

Beyond Tantrums and Threats

Strategies for healthy dialogue, conflict resolution, and collaborative problem solving with your child


An Interactive Open House with a Difference and Hands-on Workshops for Learners

Talking to Teens: Become your Child's Best Coach

Thrive Parenting Series by Learnlife

The Superhero Inside: Discover and develop the natural talents of your family members

Forever Learning & Growing

The Perils of Technology: How Can Parents Get Back in Charge?

Forever Learning & Growing

An evening with Sam Lardner & Barcelona

Join us to enjoy live music and support the growth of the Learnlife Kigali community.

Open House

A chance to learn more about Learnlife and see our Barcelona Learning Hub

Coaching Your Kids to Be Independent and Ready for a Complex, Fast-Paced Future

Forever Learning & Growing

GROW: Experience the Future of Learning Now

A one-day workshop for school leaders and educators.

Thought Leaders' Summit 2019

Experience the future of learning.

Hungry to Learn: How to Nourish a Growth Mindset

Forever Learning & Growing

Learnlife Summer Fest

Come and join the series of free (yes, FREE!) workshops and learner-led experiences.