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Grupo Battló
Battló offers continuous and targeted development of core competencies while you learn more about yourself, your passions and your purpose. Through quests, projects and learning experiences onsite and around the city, our learning guides will help you to emerge as a self-directed learner.
Grupo Familia
Familia enables creativity to grow in an environment guided by learning mentors who will seek to help you discover your hidden talents, grow your entrepreneurial capacity and experience new aspects of your own potential. Many learners join this programme once their formal education is complete.
Grupo Guell
Güell offers the targeted development of skills with plenty of freedom to explore your own hidden talents – and then grow your capacity to self-direct your learning. This programme is great for those who need to understand themselves more, or perhaps want ongoing mentoring after a programme such as Familia.

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Wait consider this full time programme proposition
There are problems with “the system”

Technology is changing the way we work, think and relate. Teenagers are struggling to make sense of their learning. Around 20% of all Spanish school students drop out, and up to 95% would not even recommend their school to their friends.

There are massive problems with ‘the system’. As a society, we are not valuing the capacity of young people.

Now reflect on this full time programme proposition
School education doesn’t seek the purpose

The world’s greatest (and only) human resource for the future is its young people. And yet many adolescents finish traditional schooling at the age of 16 with little or no idea about what they might do in their future.

Their school education has not helped them find purpose, passion or place.

How learning responds full time programme proposition
Join us to grow a new learning paradigm

Learnlife BCN is already changing this, offering full time programmes for a semester, a year or for multiple years. We believe that understanding one’s purpose in life is a fundamental step toward self-directed learning and a promising future.

We also recognise that learners thrive when experiencing a positive, progressive community.

Are you interested in the full time programme?

Looking for more info? Contact us, and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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