Learnlife Barcelona Programmes include


This programme is designed for learners who are on a journey to understand themselves and the world at a deeper level and who love being curious. They see learning as a voyage of adventure and discovery.

Explorers love new ideas and creativity, alongside learning new concepts and skills, always keen to extend their knowledge.



This programme is aimed at cultivating self-directed learners who yearn to grow their creative confidence and capacity. Through recurrent engagement with a range of studios, Creators develop their ability as active designers and makers. They love a focus that expands to understand how they might contribute solutions to complex global challenges.

Creators use a multi-studio environment: multimedia, music, maker space, food, multi-materials, graphic design, visual art, textiles, programming and electronics to name just a few.



Are you ready to launch headfirst into an intensive programme, ready to apply your growing understanding and knowledge to tackle fresh challenges? Changemakers is for those who have finished school or are close to it. Empowered by our studio model, Changemakers select a track that might extend their passion in the creative realm, or perhaps enable a prime focus on business or applied technology.

Changemakers intentionally interact with a range of professional environments through expert mentors, multidisciplinary projects, and internships.


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There are problems with “the system”

Technology is changing the way we work, think and relate. Teenagers are struggling to make sense of their learning. Around 20% of all Spanish school students drop out, and up to 95% would not even recommend their school to their friends. There are massive problems with ‘the system'. As a society, we are not valuing the capacity of young people.

Traditional schools are not purpose-driven

The world's greatest (and only) human resource for the future is its young people. And yet many adolescents finish traditional schooling at the age of 16 with little or no idea about what they might do in their future. Their school education has not helped them find purpose, passion or place.

Join us to grow a new learning paradigm

Learnlife Barcelona is already changing this, offering full time programmes for a semester, a year or for multiple years. We believe that understanding one's purpose in life is a fundamental step toward self-directed learning and a promising future. We also recognise that learners thrive when experiencing a positive, progressive community.