Upcoming events

YOGA & CHILL evening for a good cause

Yoga and meditation wellness event to fundraise and help support the Learnlife Kigali project. Come and get stretchy for a good cause!

Be Kind to Your Mind: Developing Positive Habits to Support Mental Health and Cognitive Functioning

Thrive Parenting Series by Learnlife

Early Years info session

Find out more about our Early Years programme initiating in September 2020

Getting Intimate! Dating, Sex and Pornography in the 21st Century

Thrive Parenting Series by Learnlife

21st Century Trends that Will Impact How Your Kids Learn, Live and Work

Thrive Parenting Series by Learnlife

Past events

Beyond Tantrums and Threats

Strategies for healthy dialogue, conflict resolution, and collaborative problem solving with your child


An Interactive Open House with a Difference and Hands-on Workshops for Learners

Talking to Teens: Become your Child's Best Coach

Thrive Parenting Series by Learnlife

The Superhero Inside: Discover and develop the natural talents of your family members

Forever Learning & Growing

The Perils of Technology: How Can Parents Get Back in Charge?

Forever Learning & Growing

An evening with Sam Lardner & Barcelona

Join us to enjoy live music and support the growth of the Learnlife Kigali community.

Open House

A chance to learn more about Learnlife and see our Barcelona Learning Hub

Coaching Your Kids to Be Independent and Ready for a Complex, Fast-Paced Future

Forever Learning & Growing

GROW: Experience the Future of Learning Now

A one-day workshop for school leaders and educators.

Thought Leaders' Summit 2019

Experience the future of learning.

Hungry to Learn: How to Nourish a Growth Mindset

Forever Learning & Growing

Learnlife Summer Fest

Come and join the series of free (yes, FREE!) workshops and learner-led experiences.